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Few quick hearing tests at home

If you are not sure about your reduced hearing ability then you can go through few quick hearing tests at your home first. This will help you to understand the degree of hearing impairment and accordingly you can a hearing aid center. Following are the few quick tests:

Drop a container on a tile floor of your room; can you hear the sound when the container touches the ground?

Do you need to turn up the volume while watching television or else you can not hear the sound?

Do you sometimes want people to repeat what they told you just now?

Do you find it difficult hearing someone in a crowded place like restaurant, party?

Do you find sounds coming from distance and people talking softly, like as if they are murmuring?

Tell one of your family members to knock the door of your room continuously, can you hear it clearly?

Do you have difficulty in hearing over phone?

If all these above mentioned tests give a positive result, then it is highly recommended not to waste any more time and rush for best treatment at hearing aid center nearby.