Know the Pricing of Your Hearing Aid

Comparing different models and brands of hearing aids and hearing aid prices is essential before purchasing any product. Do not feel daunted if you find that you need a hearing device. You might have no idea what can be the right aid with the right price for you.

Hearing aid pricePlenty of hearing aids are available in the market therefore you have ample choice for models and price range. A professional assistance is required. Do not freak out if your earning is limited as you will still be able to buy yourself a high quality device.

Consult with your doctor that what features would suit your type of hearing loss. Hearing aids differ not only in shape, size, style, but also in noise amplification and many other features. If you are buying a pair of hearing aid of course it would cost you more.

Learn and compare the pricing of hearing aids by visiting the stores either personally or by doing an online surfing of different sites. However there is again a major difference in pricing between a digital and an analogue hearing aid. Whatever you buy, always go for a detailed consultation with a hearing aid expert and do carry your audiological report. Some brands even have policies for maintaining the hearing aid. Some has it included within the price of the hearing aid and some has it separately charged.


Cleaning Up Your Ear Wax with Olive Oil

Suffering from ear wax accumulation is a common problem. You might at times have hearing problems and may feel that it is a hearing loss. But on seeing a doctor you will come to know that it’s just owing to the accumulation of ear wax. So, relax only cleaning will solve your problem. Congestion of ear wax do not cause deafness or damage your eardrum permanently.  Therefore a hearing aid or a hearing device is not required and so you do not have to worry about the hearing aid prices as well.

However ear wax is not a bad thing. It’s secreted in order to stop germ build up and also to prevent your ear from getting infected. It is kind of a defense mechanism but sometimes the over production may be a problem. Using of earphones and headphones causes more production of ear wax.

hearing aid pricesA Few Steps:

A pharmaceutical olive oil treatment is good to clean up your ear wax. You can buy one of the spray types as that would be pretty easier in applying down the ear canal. You can buy it from any chemist shop. Olive oil naturally dilutes the ear wax and it’s safe for children and people for all ages. The best part is its natural and comes without any chemicals.

You can spray it directly from the container or use a cotton ball to drop it into your ear canal. However, one drop would be not enough. You will need to pour in some more on a regular basis to clean up the congested wax naturally.  

With olive oil the wax gradually softens up and starts moving around. After the application try to keep your head tilted for a little while so as to allow the oil to spread to the interior and the walls of the ear. 

Wash it out later with a warm shower and feel the difference.

Do You Have Hearing Motion Synesthesia

Hearing motion synesthesia is not too common a problem and not many seems to have heard of it or familiar of it. A new name always intrigues all of us so I guess it will be a gripping read. Walking through a busy road with passer by all around, huge commotion of people talking, traffic snarl all sometimes make you feel dizzy in the head. Do you hear some other sound like “whoo-ee!” in your ears apart from the commotion going around you? If this is what you experience then you might be suffering from hearing-motion Synesthesia. You can be surer about it from the following methods. However having synesthesia does not mean having hearing loss or wearing a hearing device.

hearing aidThe synesthesia is involuntary. It is something beyond your control. It happens suddenly and it’s consistent. You cannot stop the noise till you look in a different direction. Sometimes it is also activated by something that is blinking. It may be caused due to car blinkers, rapidly blinking of eyes or any blinking light. If all these blinking activities trigger off sounds in your ears then you have the symptom of hearing-motion Synesthesia. It may be so that you already have it but never noticed or chose to ignore it. Try to be careful from next time while you are in a crowd or in a public place with commotion so as to assess if you are hearing some other sound.

Now do not think that you will start experiencing all these right after reading this article. Do you ever zone out when you stare at something moving or blinking? Then it is synesthesia for sure. If you hear the sound and feel that you are not actually hearing the sound but it is in your head then you are suffering from associated synesthesia. But if you are actually hearing it you are having projected synesthesia. 

Do not become panic stricken if you are hearing all these. Just see a doctor and get treated. It is not a serious disease and you are not suffering from any hearing disorder that might lead you to wearing a hearing aid

Know Your Hearing Aid Price

Hearing aids were initially manufactured as an aid to help out those who are either deaf or have hearing disabilities. A lot of people are often heard of complaining about the high hearing aid price. Many still finds it a little difficult to afford hearing aids, as it is not as cost effective as spectacles.

The complain of the common people mostly remain unheard and the major problem that the patients face after buying a hearing aid is that they are not covered by the regular health insurance plans. Only if a person has cochlear implantation, then he gets health insurance coverage. Cochlear implantations are very expensive and only a few can afford to buy.

The governments own health insurance coverage or even medicarHearing Aid Pricee does not include hearing aids. There are a few insurance companies that cover the hearing tools and only cover cochlear implants. Cochlear implants are special hearing aids that are meant for patients with a higher degree of hearing loss. Research is on so that even patients with minimal hearing loss can also use cochlear implants. However, the hearing aid price can be a serious concern as the newly launched hearing aids price is skyrocketing. They have better features and allow detailed hearing.

Survey reveals that more than fifty percent of the senior citizens avoid wearing hearing aids because of the burgeoning price. Hence, it’s advisable to compare prices of various brands, do a little online survey on your own before you invest in hearing devices.

How to Deal With Ear Infection after Piercing

Ear piercing quite common in girls, is now quite common even with young boys. Ear piercing can unfortunately cause ear infection if not done with proper sanitation.  Infections can be caused if the skin of the person is allergic to the metal used for piercing or pierced using improper techniques and unsanitized equipments. However, if the ear gets infected its important, to get it treated as early as possible.

If you are wearing earrings of some good metal, then it diminishes the reasons that you are allergic to it. Usually earrings or ear tops of nickel are prone to allergic compounds. Change the metal of your choice and buy something better to wear, in order to avoid ear infection. But if the problem still persists then be sure that it’s not allergy but infection.How-to-prevent-ear-piercing-infection-2

There is a basic difference between ear infection and irritation caused due to ear piercing. The initial irritation causes redness and swelling. The infection may cause a small amount of crusting around the hole due to the release of a fluid. There are several methods that you can follow to avoid infection and if you are already infected, some other methods can be followed to cure the wound. Normally piercing is done in the ear lobe or in the cartridge. If the irritation is normal then what you can do is dip a sterile cotton ball in a mixture of non-iodized salt and luke warm water, and apply it on the pierced area.

The pierced area might become sore, sensitive and touching it may cause pain. You may also have fever because of the infection.  The wound may turn red in color, become extremely painful to touch. The wound may discharge blood or puss around the piercing. It shows that the wound is gruesome and an immediate treatment and consultation with the physician is required.

However an ear lobe infection does not lead to any serious ear problem or hearing loss hence there is no need for a hearing aid or a hearing device

Defend Your Hearing with Ear Plugs

Protection of your hearing is very important, as they are delicate in structure. The daily commotion and humdrum keeps affecting your eardrum for a longer period. However ear protection is needed for protecting your hearing. Damaging of the ear drum can lead you to wearing hearing aids.

 hearing aidsExposure to loud music for a longer period of time can also damage your hearing. Basically our hearing is based on some tiny structures deep inside the head which are very sensitive and therefore can get damaged very easily.

Using of headphones for long can be detrimental, making your hearing prone to auditory loss. The noise of engines and machinery can affect your hearing to a large extent. You can turn down the volume when not in use. Using a headphone or earphone leads to injuring your hearing.

If you practice gun firing do wear some hearing protection as the sound is much louder than what we hear on television.

Work like lawn mowing, carpentry or working in a wood shop or in machinery factories produces loud noise. Wearing a rubber ear plug can really protect your ears against damaging activities. The rubber ear plugs are nothing but soft pliable silicone that seals the ear canal against loud noise.

The ear plugs are available easily at any drugstore. Ear plugs made of foam are soft and can be squeezed for compression while inserting in the ear canal.

However the drawback is ear plugs can only minimize the sound by 29 decibels and can prevent hearing loss to some extent. You have to go for a hearing device if you are suffering from hearing loss. By wearing an ear plug you will still be able to hear what is going on around but not that clearly.

Invisible in the Canal Hearing Aids – for Better Transmission & Sound Clarity

The invisible hearing aids are the latest device doing the buzz. It is smaller in size and completely disappears in the canal. It provides better sound clarity compared to other hearing devices.  These are believed to be true to its name as they are not visible to the eyes. The invisible hearing aids are customized according to the shape and size of the ear canal for the best fit. However it does not block the entire canal.

hearing devicesThe invisible hearing aids are light in weight and cause less discomfort. The invisible in the canal hearing aid has a feature of enhanced microphone, which can readily pick the electrical signals directly from the environment for transmission. There is a thin tube that is linked to the amplifier which makes the sound clarity better and greater. As the hearing machine is placed inside the ear lobe, wind or other noises does not affect the sound transmission. The volume of the device can be controlled with a remote or via a connection from the mobile phone. Pre-installation of software is needed for this purpose. 

Further research is on as technology is continually changing, and they are looking forward to improvise the device by installing a better transmitter, batteries and placing the tube deeper into the canal and also into the brain. Thus invisible in the canal hearing aid is to assist a larger number of people suffering from hearing loss, which needs the device to be placed closer to the canal. Once you wear the device there is need to remove it. Therefore one can wear a hearing aid, live a normal life like others with the device being invisible.

Basic Tips on How to Maintain Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Nothing can be more frustrating when your hearing aid batteries go flat in the middle of an important meeting or in a classroom. If you wear a hearing aid it goes without saying that you must be carrying a set of spare batteries always with yourself.

You may follow a few basic steps to keep your hearing batteries safe, effective and long lasting.

  • Never forget to turn off your device after removing it from the ear. By doing this regularly allows your battery to last for long without being exhausted within a very short time.
  • Always remember to remove your batteries from the device when not in use. While removing or inserting the batteries you have to be very gentle and careful otherwise you may end up damaging the product.
  • If your hearing aid batteries have already exhausted you can dispose it off easily. Hearing aid batteries are zinc air batteries therefore it’s safe to throw it off into the garbage. If new batteries or even exhausted batteries are kept for long into the hearing aid, it may damage the device to a great extent.
  • While inserting a battery one has to be very careful. Gently remove the battery from the package. As it is extremely small in size it may be dropped and lost very easily.
  • After you have inserted the batteries close the door of the aid tightly. Switch on the machine and check the sound. When your machine starts working adjust the volume accordingly. 

However, the hearing aid batteries do not last very long as hearing aids remains in constant use. Your hearing machine Hearing Aidswill make a beeping sound, signaling that the battery is low and needs to be changed. It is wise if one goes for buying batteries with brand names. But if you notice that even your new batteries are getting exhausted to early then it is probable that your hearing device is at fault.  

CIC – the Tiniest Hearing Aid

CIC – Completely in the canal hearing aid is the smallest instrument available with minuscule batteries that disappears into your ear canal. It is almost invisible to the eyes therefore are more in demand particularly among the teenagers and youths. Many patients like this new concept and feel excited about wearing a hearing device that nobody can see.  

CIC are custom made to fit deep inside the canal of the patient. It is placed and fitted well into the ear canal of the patient and is believed to mimic the natural hearing process more closely than any other hearing process. While fitting and molding, the instruments are given the shape and size in accordance with ear canal of the individual. The CIC is developed in a way so that it does not get too far into the canal. It has a small antenna like feature that allows an individual to hold and easily extract it from the ear. Majority of the patient prefer CIC as it’s easy to use, comfortable and they feel less conscious about their hearing problems.

Hearing Aid

However CIC has its own limitations. For example, only patients with mild to medium hearing loss can wear CIC. Again as CIC is placed in the ear canal it tends to get damaged owing to the accumulation of ear wax. Thus the device may get damaged and need repairing from time to time. However, the biggest drawback of a CIC is that it’s the most effective hearing machine in the market and even the repairing may cost you a lot.   

Care and Maintain your Hearing Aid with Love

Hearing aids are expensive. Treating aids with sloppiness may affect the longevity of your aid. A thorough and complete care is needed for these electronics are extremely delicate. Regular cleaning and service of hearing aid is crucial and mandatory. Proper care enhances the longevity of the device, retains maximum hearing conditions and maintains hygiene.

Hearing aid> Hearing devices should be handled with care.

> It needs to be stored in safe, cool and dry place.

> Changing the batteries of the hearing machine regularly is important so that it does not run out of power all of a sudden.

> Remember to switch off your hearing aid when you are not using it, to stop your batteries from being exhausted unnecessarily.

> If you have shelved your hearing aid over a long period of time do remove the batteries or else it might damage the machine.

> You have to remove the ear wax regularly from your device to prevent permanent or temporary malfunction and damage of the electronics.

> Even the battery contacts needs to be cleaned regularly. You can use a cotton swab to clean the battery contact. Make sure that you do not bend the contacts while cleaning. Improper cleaning may also lead to the malfunctioning of the device.

> You can also use a small hearing aid cleaning brush or a soft cloth to clean it.

> Inserting tools in the sound outlet is not advisable. It may permanently damage the receiver. If you do not feel confident enough to clean the device on your own go to a hearing professional for help.

> The filters need to be changed often to avoid accumulation of dirt and wax.

> If the accumulated dirt or wax becomes stubborn, then it is extremely difficult to remove it. A stubborn wax also prevents transmission of sound to the middle ear.

> Cleaning hearing aids are sometimes just not enough. You have to regularly clean your ear canal at the same time. Visit an audiologist or your doctor at a regular interval to get your ear canal cleaned.

> Pricking of your canal on your own to remove the ear wax can be seriously dangerous and damaging. 

> Do not wear your hearing aid while swimming, taking a bath or shower, in rain or while blow drying your hair or spay on.