Defend Your Hearing with Ear Plugs

Protection of your hearing is very important, as they are delicate in structure. The daily commotion and humdrum keeps affecting your eardrum for a longer period. However ear protection is needed for protecting your hearing. Damaging of the ear drum can lead you to wearing hearing aids.

 hearing aidsExposure to loud music for a longer period of time can also damage your hearing. Basically our hearing is based on some tiny structures deep inside the head which are very sensitive and therefore can get damaged very easily.

Using of headphones for long can be detrimental, making your hearing prone to auditory loss. The noise of engines and machinery can affect your hearing to a large extent. You can turn down the volume when not in use. Using a headphone or earphone leads to injuring your hearing.

If you practice gun firing do wear some hearing protection as the sound is much louder than what we hear on television.

Work like lawn mowing, carpentry or working in a wood shop or in machinery factories produces loud noise. Wearing a rubber ear plug can really protect your ears against damaging activities. The rubber ear plugs are nothing but soft pliable silicone that seals the ear canal against loud noise.

The ear plugs are available easily at any drugstore. Ear plugs made of foam are soft and can be squeezed for compression while inserting in the ear canal.

However the drawback is ear plugs can only minimize the sound by 29 decibels and can prevent hearing loss to some extent. You have to go for a hearing device if you are suffering from hearing loss. By wearing an ear plug you will still be able to hear what is going on around but not that clearly.


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