Invisible in the Canal Hearing Aids – for Better Transmission & Sound Clarity

The invisible hearing aids are the latest device doing the buzz. It is smaller in size and completely disappears in the canal. It provides better sound clarity compared to other hearing devices.  These are believed to be true to its name as they are not visible to the eyes. The invisible hearing aids are customized according to the shape and size of the ear canal for the best fit. However it does not block the entire canal.

hearing devicesThe invisible hearing aids are light in weight and cause less discomfort. The invisible in the canal hearing aid has a feature of enhanced microphone, which can readily pick the electrical signals directly from the environment for transmission. There is a thin tube that is linked to the amplifier which makes the sound clarity better and greater. As the hearing machine is placed inside the ear lobe, wind or other noises does not affect the sound transmission. The volume of the device can be controlled with a remote or via a connection from the mobile phone. Pre-installation of software is needed for this purpose. 

Further research is on as technology is continually changing, and they are looking forward to improvise the device by installing a better transmitter, batteries and placing the tube deeper into the canal and also into the brain. Thus invisible in the canal hearing aid is to assist a larger number of people suffering from hearing loss, which needs the device to be placed closer to the canal. Once you wear the device there is need to remove it. Therefore one can wear a hearing aid, live a normal life like others with the device being invisible.


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