Basic Tips on How to Maintain Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Nothing can be more frustrating when your hearing aid batteries go flat in the middle of an important meeting or in a classroom. If you wear a hearing aid it goes without saying that you must be carrying a set of spare batteries always with yourself.

You may follow a few basic steps to keep your hearing batteries safe, effective and long lasting.

  • Never forget to turn off your device after removing it from the ear. By doing this regularly allows your battery to last for long without being exhausted within a very short time.
  • Always remember to remove your batteries from the device when not in use. While removing or inserting the batteries you have to be very gentle and careful otherwise you may end up damaging the product.
  • If your hearing aid batteries have already exhausted you can dispose it off easily. Hearing aid batteries are zinc air batteries therefore it’s safe to throw it off into the garbage. If new batteries or even exhausted batteries are kept for long into the hearing aid, it may damage the device to a great extent.
  • While inserting a battery one has to be very careful. Gently remove the battery from the package. As it is extremely small in size it may be dropped and lost very easily.
  • After you have inserted the batteries close the door of the aid tightly. Switch on the machine and check the sound. When your machine starts working adjust the volume accordingly. 

However, the hearing aid batteries do not last very long as hearing aids remains in constant use. Your hearing machine Hearing Aidswill make a beeping sound, signaling that the battery is low and needs to be changed. It is wise if one goes for buying batteries with brand names. But if you notice that even your new batteries are getting exhausted to early then it is probable that your hearing device is at fault.  

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