CIC – the Tiniest Hearing Aid

CIC – Completely in the canal hearing aid is the smallest instrument available with minuscule batteries that disappears into your ear canal. It is almost invisible to the eyes therefore are more in demand particularly among the teenagers and youths. Many patients like this new concept and feel excited about wearing a hearing device that nobody can see.  

CIC are custom made to fit deep inside the canal of the patient. It is placed and fitted well into the ear canal of the patient and is believed to mimic the natural hearing process more closely than any other hearing process. While fitting and molding, the instruments are given the shape and size in accordance with ear canal of the individual. The CIC is developed in a way so that it does not get too far into the canal. It has a small antenna like feature that allows an individual to hold and easily extract it from the ear. Majority of the patient prefer CIC as it’s easy to use, comfortable and they feel less conscious about their hearing problems.

Hearing Aid

However CIC has its own limitations. For example, only patients with mild to medium hearing loss can wear CIC. Again as CIC is placed in the ear canal it tends to get damaged owing to the accumulation of ear wax. Thus the device may get damaged and need repairing from time to time. However, the biggest drawback of a CIC is that it’s the most effective hearing machine in the market and even the repairing may cost you a lot.   

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