Care and Maintain your Hearing Aid with Love

Hearing aids are expensive. Treating aids with sloppiness may affect the longevity of your aid. A thorough and complete care is needed for these electronics are extremely delicate. Regular cleaning and service of hearing aid is crucial and mandatory. Proper care enhances the longevity of the device, retains maximum hearing conditions and maintains hygiene.

Hearing aid> Hearing devices should be handled with care.

> It needs to be stored in safe, cool and dry place.

> Changing the batteries of the hearing machine regularly is important so that it does not run out of power all of a sudden.

> Remember to switch off your hearing aid when you are not using it, to stop your batteries from being exhausted unnecessarily.

> If you have shelved your hearing aid over a long period of time do remove the batteries or else it might damage the machine.

> You have to remove the ear wax regularly from your device to prevent permanent or temporary malfunction and damage of the electronics.

> Even the battery contacts needs to be cleaned regularly. You can use a cotton swab to clean the battery contact. Make sure that you do not bend the contacts while cleaning. Improper cleaning may also lead to the malfunctioning of the device.

> You can also use a small hearing aid cleaning brush or a soft cloth to clean it.

> Inserting tools in the sound outlet is not advisable. It may permanently damage the receiver. If you do not feel confident enough to clean the device on your own go to a hearing professional for help.

> The filters need to be changed often to avoid accumulation of dirt and wax.

> If the accumulated dirt or wax becomes stubborn, then it is extremely difficult to remove it. A stubborn wax also prevents transmission of sound to the middle ear.

> Cleaning hearing aids are sometimes just not enough. You have to regularly clean your ear canal at the same time. Visit an audiologist or your doctor at a regular interval to get your ear canal cleaned.

> Pricking of your canal on your own to remove the ear wax can be seriously dangerous and damaging. 

> Do not wear your hearing aid while swimming, taking a bath or shower, in rain or while blow drying your hair or spay on.


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