Learn How to Clean Your BTE Machine in a Few Steps

Do you wear a BTE i.e. behind the ear hearing aid? You must have often noticed ear wax accumulating on it.

hearing aid>  If you see your transparent ear mould turning a little yellowish after wearing the hearing device for a few days then the cleaning is relatively easier. All you need is a wipe or a tissue. Just rub off the ear mould that is the molded part of the device that enters your ear canal. However to make cleaning easier you can repeat this cleaning process regularly.

>  If your ear mould has a stubborn ear wax attached to it what you have to do is detach the mould from the electronics. Mix a cleaning bath solution in a small tub that has lukewarm water. Soak it for a few minutes.

>   However you can also prepare the cleaning solution with a false tooth cleaner. False tooth cleaner are also easily available in home, with some of the inmates using false tooth.

>  You can also soak the tube of the ear device with the ear mould.

>  After you have soaked the ear mould for a few minutes keep it on a clean soft cloth and let it dry in the air. Do not rub it with any coarse material.

Lastly, once the entire process is assemble the hearing machine and its ready to use.


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