The Five Signs of Dementia

In understanding what is dementia and its syndrome we often confuse it with the natural aging. Reports reveal that there is an association between hearing loss and dementia. A patient with auditory loss however may need clinical assistance, for wearing hearing devices. Hearing machines must be bought under professional supervision and surveillance.

Hearing machines Steps:

  • Memory loss the prime cause – We are all forgetful and think that it’s a common and natural part of aging. But very few do know that a habit of frequently forgetting things is the initial symptom of growing dementia.
  • Losing things here and there or putting things in unusual places and then forgetting is another common symptom of dementia. Sometimes they would pick up things only to put it in places where it does not fit. Although this syndrome apparently looks common and almost every single person can justify having experienced the same.
  • Losing out on words while writing or speaking can be a serious problem. You may notice a person suffering from dementia may stop abruptly while in a conversation and may not be able to carry on any further for the victim has actually forgotten what the conversation was all about.
  • A person who could earlier perform day to day activities with great ease now suffers from delusion or confusion over daily tasks or familiar practices with dementia.
  • Social withdrawal – A sudden personality change is noticeable which makes the dementia patient less social. They prefer withdrawal from social activities and avoid interactions with friends, family or people at work.


  • If you or your closed ones at your house or neighborhood are experiencing or suffering from these syndromes then it may be succumbing to dementia.
  • But sometimes even experiencing these symptoms not necessarily mean inevitable dementia.
  • You might visit a doctor for dementia may sometimes lead to hearing problem. The doctor may prescribe several test programs depending on the symptoms of the patient.

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