Know the Symptoms of Ear Infection – Take a Look

An ear infection from cold can give you terrible pain, the fluid inside the ear can sometimes be hard on your eardrum causing it to bulge and shudder. The initial symptoms may bewilder you, whether it is an ear infection or it is due to cold. Whatever the infection be it must be treated on time. There are several home remedies for ear infections that may give us temporary relief but on a serious note, one must see a doctor to get the ear infection treated. Are you or your child is suffering from the following symptoms? Then you might be affected with ear infection. Take a look.

hearing aid centre> If your child is below twelve years then you have to be extra careful, as they are more prone to ear infection. Try to check out if your child is having difficulty in sleeping, running a high fever or having yellow or green mucus with a running nose.

 > Losing Appetite – If an infant has an ear, infection it might pain owing to pressure in the middle ear. It usually happens during bottle-feeding as the baby swallows up water or milk. Therefore, the baby shows having less appetite when the ear is infected.

> Difficulty in Sleeping – The sufferer may feel an increased amount of pain while lying down or sleeping as the fluid in the ear keeps shifting.

> High Fever – Ear infections may cause fever to run high.

> Fluid Discharge from the Ear – Yellow, brown, red or white fluid may ooze out from  an infected ear, which may indicate that eardrum could possibly have ruptured.

> Difficulty in Hearing – If fluid is accumulated in the middle ear, it may prevent the eardrum from functioning properly.

> Infected with Otitis Media – If the ear is infected with Otitis Media, it may take some time to get cured but it ejects a fluid named effusion, which may continue to remain. This fluid may temporarily damage the eardrum and cause hearing loss.

However for further consultation and check up you might take your child to a hearing aid centre.


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  1. Looks like a thorough research has been done for writing these articles. Its surely giving us an insight on the much panicked ‘ear infection’.

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