Get A Hearing Test Done For Infants

A hearing test for your infant is required before he leaves the hospital. Most hospitals conduct a hearing screening as a part of their routine check up. Two types of screening tests are done in infants by an audiologist to determine the hearing loss.

In both the tests no activity is required from the part of the baby and is completed within 5 – 10 minutes and is absolutely painless. Infants sleep through the entire process of screening.

Hearing Aid CentreSteps:


* The Otoacoustic Emissions (OAE) screening test is conducted to ensure if the ear is responding properly to the emitted sound.

* A soft miniature earphone and microphone is inserted to the ear canal of the baby, that emits a series of sounds, only to measure an echo that occurs naturally and normally in all normal hearing ears.

* If the echo is not found it shows hearing loss in the baby.


* The Auditory Brain Stem Response (ABR) screening hearing test is conducted to check if the brain is able to read the sound carried by the nerve sensors from the ear.

* For the test electrodes are attached to the head of the infant and small and soft earphones are inserted into the ear canals of the child.

* Doctors prefer to mildly sedate the baby while the test is on for the infant needs to be calm and quiet.

* If the brain responds normally to the hearing sound it shows that the hearing ability of the baby is normal.


If the infant fails to respond in either of the screening tests then the doctor might refer the baby to a hearing aid centre for further hearing tests in order to correctly evaluate the hearing ability of the infant.


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