Insight on Eardrum Perforation

Tympanic membrane the most essential part of the ear can cause severe hearing loss. An eardrum perforation is caused due to damage in an accident or ear infection. Some perforations are temporary and can be healed with medical care. The pain and effect of perforation depends on the degree of damage.

However, doctors opine that the major cause of tympanic membrane perforation is caused due to infection. Severe blows to ear, too much water pressure usually during scuba diving, careless attempts while removal of earwax, atmospheric over pressure may cause membrane perforation. Perforations may not be painful but it can be extremely painful if caused by ear infection.

hearing aid centreIf the perforation is acute and chronic, it results in a typical secretion of copious pus. In such conditions, the patient may feel buzzing sound inside the ear while sneezing or nose blowing. It reduces the auditory sense of a patient. The problem may enhance if water enters the ear canal.

If a patient is detected with ear perforation, the primary and initial task of the patient is to visit a nearest hearing aid centre to make sure that the problem is not enhanced to otorrhea. Doctors do not prescribe eardrops for it may aggravate the wound in the ear. However, the patient in takes antibiotics as it helps in controlling and reducing otorrhea. If the problem is gruesome and requires surgery then the surgical treatment requires tympanoplasty.

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