Teenagers Struggle with Hearing Impairment

Whatever the original cause is, loss of hearing can be devastating. To a teenager the problem can be even more gruesome. A teenager in the growing years experiences both psychological and physiological changes. The mental turbulence, which a teenager undergoes is too much and the hearing loss add to the woes. In schools, peers and grouping are a lot important, a teenager short of hearing feels isolated and left out from all the group fun. They suffer from mental distress. Doctors opine that every 4 out of 5 patients with impairment suffer from depression. They want to feel belonged. The problem can be resolved with a good, suitable hearing aid.

hearing devicesTeenagers on discovering, that they have an audiological loss feels dejected and demoralized. They feel, that being socially shunned if seen wearing a machine publicly. Convincing teenagers to wear hearing devices is really challenging. The inhibition and the disgrace of being audio logically challenged and the visibility of device, will put them to utter shame. They fear of social ostracism in school classrooms, social gathering and parties. We all have the concept that hearing aids are bulky, big with battery packs. The wires dangling from the hearing machines are even more embarrassing. But modern technology has given a complete different outlook in making trendy and sleek models of ear trumpets. Modern ear trumpets can be so small that it is barely visible to the eyes. Now teenagers can flaunt new hairstyles with bangs covering parts of their hair. The devices are thus styled keeping in mind the fashion outlook of the young generation.

If detected with auditory modality it is common and obvious in teenagers that they refuse to wear aids. Fashion conscious teenagers  are excessively particular about their aesthetic sense. What they need is a proper counseling to make them believe that wearing ear trumpets, is no social taboo rather the device would counter the loss from magnifying. The doctor conducts an examination before recommending any aid. With ear trumpets on the teenagers, do not need to feel isolated anymore. It helps them to succeed in their social life, as they can now hear and communicate like every other person. Listening can be fun with deaf  devices. Enjoying movies, theatre, hanging out over a cup of coffee, dining with friends, or participating in school sports are places where you can make your presence pleasurable to all.

The ability for improved listening can be attributed to deaf machines. However, one must understand that wearing devices and building a comfort level with the machine is a matter of time and habit and it comes gradually with practice.

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