Do You Know That Misdiagnoses of Auditory Neuropathy Can Harm Your Child’s Hearing Forever?

Many doctors, audiologists and pediatric hearing experts are not aware how to diagnose auditory neuropathy. Auditory neuropathy is not hearing loss. Kids having auditory neuropathy are not diagnosed with hearing loss and therefore prescribed hearing aids.

But recent studies and analysis reveal that hearing machines instead of doing any good have actually harmed the hearing of the children with loud noise. Children and infants go through the routine hearing screening tests. If diagnosed with hearing losses then treatments can be started on time. Some are also given hearing aids and the results are effective. However, many get a better chance of developing speech.

Best hearing aids in KolkataIn auditory neuropathy the sound heard enters the inner ear but the sound is not transmitted to the brain. Many doctors and audiologist prescribed hearing devices to these children as cure and treatment. But the hearing devices damage the ears by making sounds too loud for children. A child with auditory neuropathy can hear a sound but the sound gets impaired and distorted while being transmitted to the brain.

Neuropathy affects  different patients in different ways and analysis report shows that children affected with auditory neuropathy can hear. Some children even get over this if treated early and on time. But for others it may cause profound hearing loss. If your kid is affected with auditory neuropathy, find a doctor and an audiologist who are familiar with disorder and also with the treatment. It has not been long but in 1996, the hearing disorder was named and completely described. In 2008 major conferences were held to aware the otolaryngologists, professional audiologists and pediatrics hearing experts on the disease, its symptoms, treatment and cure.


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  1. This is really informative. I am sure many are not aware of this.

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